Train windows are composed of aluminum profile, toughened glass, sealant strip, etc.

Train windows are mainly classified as active window and fixed window. The active window is of inward structure, of which the lower window is fixed and the upper window can be opened inward. The active upper window is equipped with handle and general used railway triangle lock.

Railteco is capable of developing tailor designed train windows according to customer requirements.

The performance requirements of train windows:

RainproofPass the   rainproof test, no leakage, according to TBT 3107—2011, section 7.1
Water Tightnessthe leakage   pressure difference P350Pa at water flow volume of3 L(m2·min)
Wind Pressure ResistanceDeformation   pressure difference P1≥3kPa; Safety pressure difference  P3≥3.5kPa
Heat Insulation PerformanceHeat transfer   coefficient K≤3.5W(m2·K)
Sound InsulationWeighted Sound   Insulation RW≥25 dB
DurabilityAfter 2×104 times full stroke   opening and closing tests, the turning mechanism shall not fail; the main   components of the window shall not be deformed and welded
StandardComply with   requirements of TB/T3107-2011 ‘railway coach unit type assembled windows’



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