Railway Vehicle’s side wall and end wall normally adopt two types of materials: one is glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), another is aluminum plate. Glass fiber reinforced plastics are fabricated by mold, whereas aluminum plates are fabricated by machining and welding. The final surface is decorated by paint.

The properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Side Wall:

Barcol Hardness>30
Bending Strength≥150MPa
Tensile Strength≥100MPa
Impact Toughness≥150(KJ/m²)
Flame RetardancyComply with   DIN5510-2 requirements
Fire ResistanceGood fire   resistance, low smoke and low toxicity, comply with TB / 3237 standard
Fall Ball ResistanceNo crack or   deformation on the impacted surface
Sand Bag Impact ResistanceNo crack or   deformation on the impacted surface
Application Environment-30~+45, relative humidity90%

Railteco could tailor design and manufacture railway side wall and end wall according to customer special requirements.



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