C Type Adapter


C Type Adapters are made of cast steel, applied for three-piece truck bogie, with axle load no more than 16t. It is designed and manufactured according to AAR M 201, compatible with AAR Class C 5*9 bearing.

The adapter’s function is to connect the wheel set and side frame on the bogie, to transform the rolling of the wheels on the track through the side frame into the movement of the car body, and to transfer the load of the car body to the wheel and rail through the side frame.

Railteco can produce standard adapters of various models and specifications according to AAR M-924 standard, and can design and produce adapter of various non-standard or heterosexual structures. The adapters are made of cast steel in accordance with AAR M-201 standard, and the manufacturing process complies with AAR M-924. Due to optimization design, Railteco could provide suitable adapters compatible with different bearing sizes as below table.

Main Parameters:

Product  TypeMaterialStandard processApplicable   BogieWeight (kg) (L × W × H) mm
Adapter (C type)AAR   5"×9"Class C      AAR        M-201CastingThree-piece   truck bogie, axle load ≤16t16.67260×190×170



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