Brake beam assembly


Brake beam assembly is applied in the brake device of the casting type three-piece truck bogie. Brake beam’s main function is to transfer the brake force from the car body to the wheel through the lever device, realizing the brake of the vehicle.

Advantages of brake beam assembly:

1. Adopt assembled structure: manufacture quality easier controlled, easier for manufacture and maintenance.

2. Complete brake beam, structure and stress distribution more reasonable.

3. Adopt forging pillar and clip, improving the reliability in use.

4. Adopt non-metal slid wear plate, reducing the weariness and inspection work.

5. Adopt slid block structure, improving the strength, restraining eccentric wear of brake shoes.

Railteco is capable of designing and manufacturing brake beams meet the requirements of various gauge and axle loads according to AAR S-344 America standards, and Chinese standard TB / T 1978 and other international standards.

Product Gauge: mmStandardManufacturing  ApplicationWeight (kg) (L ×   W × H) mm
A type Brake beam 1000AAR   S-344 or TB/T 1978ForgingThree-piece   truck bogie 481132×380×320
B type brake beam1067531490×385×320
C type brake beam 1435571770×420×320
D type brake beam1676642020×420×320

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