We mainly manufacture concrete sleepers including II type, III type, turnout sleeper , capacitance sleeper, broad sleeper, crossing sleeper, balastless turnout sleeper, metro sleeper, urban railway sleepers, and various kinds of ballast slabs.

Railteco concrete sleepers are widely applied in passenger railway, high speed railway, underground railway, urban railway, ballasted and ballastless track.

Railway Gauge1000mm, 1067mm,   1435mm, 1676mm and various crane railway
Rail Type8kg/m, 12kg/m,   15kg/m, 18kg/m, 22kg/m, 24kg/m, 30kg/m, 38kg/m, 43kg/m, 50kg/m, 60kg/m etc
Concrete gradeC40, C50, C60
Sleepers Spacing52-62cm
Axle LoadMax. 25t
Quality Control SystemISO, TSI, AAR   and etc
Annual Capacity1,000,000 pcs   various concrete sleepers and 100,000 various concrete ballast slab.



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