CA3 Coupler


There are two kinds of coupler yokes at present: casting type and forging type. The material of coupler yoke is mainly Grade E steel. The forging coupler yoke is processed by die forging and tempering after welding, which improves the strength and service performances. The forging type’s fatigue strength can be increased by 80% ~ 200% to avoid porosity and shrinkage which might occur for casting type. Through ultrasonic flaw detection and magnetic particle flaw detection, all performance indexes of coupler yokes meet the standard requirements, ensuring the vehicle transportation performance and driving safety.

Forged coupler yoke is mainly used to compose coupler buffer device with matched coupler and other components, which is used to transmit the force between vehicles. Forged coupler yoke is an upgraded product of cast coupler yoke, which is mainly suitable for heavy-duty trains above 70t.

Railteco could provide below types of coupler yokes.

Coupler YokeApplied couplerMaterialProcessStandard
13B coupler yokeNo.13 couplerE grade, AAR   M201Casting,   forgingTB/T 456
17 coupler yokeNo.17 couplersE grade, AAR   M201Casting,   forgingTB/T 456
Y45AEF coupler, E/F   couplerE grade, AAR   M201CastingAAR S-149
Y40AEE couplerE grade, AAR   M201CastingAAR S-141

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