BA381 Axlebox


BA381 Axlebox is mainly applied for 25t axle load Y25 series bogies , which is standard railway freight wagon bogies in West Europe.

RT25 Axlebox is mounted on axle journal to connect wheelset and bogie frame. The Axlebox function is to transfer the weight of wagon body and the load to wheel and axle, to lubricate the axle journal, to reduce the friction, and to reduce the train running resistance. Coordinated by Lenore shock absorber, the rolling of wheels is transferred into the frame and wagon’s horizontal movement along the rails length.

RT25 Axlebox is made of nodular cast iron according to EN standards. The Axlebox is manufactured, processed and inspected according to EN standards. Railteco are able to deliver quality test reports according to customer requirements and related standards.

Main parameters:

AxleboxRT25EN-GJS-400-18-LTEN1563Casting25t Axle load   Y25 bogie35425×223×281



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