Driver’s Console


Railteco driver’s console could provide most enjoyable operating experiences for train drivers due to scientific design and the pursuit of optimum functional aesthetics.

The advantages of Railteco driver’s console:

1. complete glass fiber reinforced plastics panel(6mm thickness), preserving the installation holes of instruments, tidy and beautiful

2. Acid and alkali resistant panel and easy to clean

3. Good compressive, tensile, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and etc

4. FPR material flammability rating, smoke rating, smoke toxicity and combustion drop rating of FRP shall be in accordance with TB / T 3138-2006

5. 6063-T5 aluminum alloy profile is used as the main body of the cabinet frame of the driver's console, and 5083-O aluminum alloy is used as the connection part

6. Left cabinet, middle cabinet and right cabinet are designed to best functional aesthetics

The performance parameters of glass fiber reinforced plastics panel:

S/NPropertiesCriteriaTesting Method
1Barcol Hardness(MPa)>25GB/T3854-2005
2Water   Absorption Rate(%)≤0.5GB/T1462-2005
3Tensile   Strength(MPa)≥100GB/T1447-2005
4Bending   Strength(MPa)≥150GB/T1449-2005
5Impact   Toughness(KJ/m²) (no gap)≥150GB/T1451-2005



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