Rail Elastic Clips


Rails are supporting components for locomotive and trains running. Rails are fixed on sleepers of ballast by elastic fastening system. The main components of fastening system is Clip, whose bending and twisting producing clip force onto the rails. The clips are fastened onto rails on both sides and they ensure the rails connected reliably and the rails integrity, preventing the rails longitudinal displacements and transverse displacements. Besides, due to the train wheels and rails rigid contact, It is inevitable to product vibration. Elastic clip special structure makes it absorb the impact energy during train running as shock damper. Elastic clips works under alternating repetition stress, subjected to bending, torsion, fatigue and corrosion. When the trains pass by, they have to undertake high instantaneous impact load. So the performance requirements of elastic clips are very strict.

Main Features:

Railway Standards: GB, EN, ISO, UIC, ANSI/ASTM and etc

Types: SKL series clip, E-type, PR series clip, Deenik clip and etc.

(Tailor designed clips according to customer drawings are also available)

Material: Spring Steel (60Si2MnA, 60Si2CrA, 55Si2Mn, 38Si7); Carbon Steel(45#, 55#)

Surface Treatment: Plain (oiled), Oxide black, color painting, Dacromet or according to customer requirement

Clip TypeModelDiameter: MMUnit Weight: KG
SKL Series ClipSKL 3130.48
SKL 12130.53
SKL 14130.53
E Type ClipE1809200.61
PR Series ClipPR85130.25
Deenik ClipDeenik250.49-0.68



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