Type F Coupler


CA-3 type automatic coupler is the main coupler for former Soviet Union railways locomotive, coaches, freight wagons. It was defined as standard coupler.

CA-3 automatic coupler belongs to non-rigid automatic coupler. It is composed of coupler body, coupler lock, lock pawl, lock stop, lock lift, lock lift shaft, bolt, nut, washer and etc. CA-3 coupler has three states: free state, coupling interlock state and uncoupling state.

Railteco CA-3 coupler has reasonable design and high structural strength. Its main parts are made of TB / T2942-E grade steel. CA-3 coupler is easy to connect and has good coupling performance. When two couplers are in free state, they can be connected once they are touched. The coupler has a unique ‘push’ position, which is convenient for shunting operation. The free clearance between the connecting profiles of the two couplers is 10 mm, which belongs to the tight coupling type in structure. It has the characteristics of small coupling clearance, which can reduce the longitudinal impact of the train and improve the dynamic performance of the train.



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