NSW Hand Brake Machine


NSW type hand brake machine is applicable to all kinds of railway freight wagons for parking or shunting.

NSW type hand brake consists of case, base, hand wheel, speed regulating handle, driving shaft, chain winding shaft, locking mechanism, etc. The hand wheel is printed with direction indication such as ‘ON’, ‘OFF. The nameplate is on the case.

Main features:

l  ON: turn the speed regulating handle up right, turn the hand wheel clockwise to make the chain produce and maintain the braking force.

l  OFF: keep the speed regulating handle stationary, turn the hand wheel anti clockwise for about 40 ° and the hand brake will release. The torque required for release is about 50% of the input torque when braking

l  Slow down: Turn the speed regulating handle anticlockwise to the horizontal position. At this time, the spine tongue does not work. If necessary, turn the hand wheel clockwise to brake and turn the hand wheel anticlockwise to release any time.

l  Equipped with brake locking device operated by a triangle key. To lock the hand brake, use the triangle key to turn the locking tab located at the bottom left of the case clockwise after braking until the key does not move. This position will lock the release function. Turn the key anticlockwise to release the locking function and release the operation.

Main parameters:

ProductRatioHand wheel diameterOutline DimensionWeight
NSW Hand Brake Machine27φ400mm522mm*400mm*214mm36kg

Hand-Brake - 副本.jpg


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