Dustbin Cabin Module


Railteco is capable of designing various functional module cabins special for railway coach refurbishment. These module cabins are designed and manufactured with most advanced Chinese railway technologies in China and designed tidy and beautiful in harmony with the coach overall interiors design.

Dustbin Cabinet is mainly composed of partition and cabinet body. The upper part of the cabinet body could be a fire extinguisher box and the lower part is a dustbin cabinet. The dustbin cabinet includes a delivery port and an inspection door. The delivery port can be turned over. The inspection door adopts a general railway triangle lock. The crew can open the door through a triangle key and take out the garbage outside and clean the garbage easily. Hoist rings are installed on the top, realizing overall lifting. Fire extinguisher cabinet adopts integral turnover structure. 

The materials for dustbin cabin module:

Dustbin cabin bodyAluminum   honeycomb plate
Delivery port and dustbinStainless steel
Triangular lockStainless steel



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