Brake Disc


Brake disc is one type of friction brake, installed on axle. When apply braking, the brake pad will press against the brake disc, and the kinetic energy of the train is converted into heat energy through the friction between the brake pad and the brake disc.

Axle type brake discs could also divide into monoblock type and twin block type. Twin block type brake discs are easier to replace since the brake discs are in two half circle and could be assembled or disassembled by bolts.

Railteco could design and manufacture various brake discs to meet the different brake performance requirements of various railway freight cars, passenger cars, according to AAR standard, UIC standard and Chinese standard.

Parameters of brake discs:

Brake disc MaterialStandardProduction   ProcessApplicationDiameters(mm)Width(mm)
Vermicular cast iron RUT400; Grey Cast Iron HT300 Cast AAR, UIC, TB   standardCastingFreight cars,   passenger carsφ470-720mm70-170mm



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