Lower Center Plate


Lower Center Plate, also called truck center plate, bogie center plate, is the main load component. It not only connects the car body and bogie, but also transmits the load and is the turning center of whole bogie.

The lower center plate is fixed to the bogie by bolts and nut, or directly casted on the bolster. Between the upper and lower center plate, there is a center plate wear disc, made of Oil-bearing nylon, reducing the wear of the center plates. Upper center plate, wear disc and lower center plate are threaded together by a pivot pin, thus connecting the car body and the bogie.

Lower Center Plate is made of steel in AAR M201 standard or Chinese steel standard, by casting or forging process. Railteco could design and manufacture various lower center plates for railway freight cars according to customer requirements and related railway standards.

Lower center plate parameters:

Lower center plateGRADE B+;TB/T46Casting   or Forging



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