Railteco could design and manufacture handrails for Metro, which will provide support for the passengers stand in the vehicle.

Main features of railway handrails:

1. Stainless steel pipes

2. Enough strength to bear the load during vehicle running without any permanent deformation

3. Simple welding joint, polished smoothly, without any burr nor sharp edge, preventing dust, easy dismount and assembly

4. Surface treatment comply with ISO 9227-1990 standard salty spray test requirements, period 168h.

5. Meet the overall aesthetic design

The load performance of the handrails together with its accessories shall comply with UIC566, and could bear below loading conditions without permanent deformation:

Pipe size: mmThickness:Load   testing conditionsAllowed   deformation
φ38±0.12.5a)      The   horizontal load 1470N is adopted as the point load at any point within the   span of handrail column or handrail rodNo more than   1000mm1mm;
b)     At any point within the span of the handrail column or   handrail, the vertical load of 900N is taken as the point load, which is   superimposed with a load of 1300n / M evenly distributed (assuming that this   load includes all passengers standing with the sling in the whole span)Longer than   1000mm1.5mm;



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