Type FR Coupler


AAR E coupler and E/F coupler adopt E grade steel, material comply with AAR M-201 standard, coupler profile comply with AAR S106 standard, coupler manufacture comply with AAR M211 standard. Consistent with currently in service couplers for newly built or repaired freight wagons in North America, AAR E coupler and E/F coupler adopt E50A knuckle. The couplers and coupler parts manufactured by Railteco are with good interchangeability and compatibility with those currently used in North America.

E/F coupler is developed on the basis of E coupler and F coupler, to meet the requirements of train passing curves and provide enough lateral swing. E/F coupler is mainly used for freight cars with long traction beams. The head of E/F coupler adopts the structure of E type coupler. The body and tail adopt the structure of F type coupler.

Railteco could provide 9 kinds of E type coupler and E/F couplers with AAR certifications: E60EE(E60DE),SE60DE,SBE60DE,SBE67CE,SBE68CE,SBE69BE,E69BE,E4881AE,EF511WE。


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