Axle End Bearing


Axle end bearing transfers the wheels rotation into the vehicle’s horizontal movement, and undertakes the radial load and axial load. So railway vehicles have high demand for the axle end bearing’s reliability.

The models of axle end bearings:

ModelDimensionStandardApplicationNet Weight(kg)
AAR C5×9AAR M-934  Axle load ≤16t24.8
AAR D5-1/2×10AAR M-934Axle load≤21t26.3
AAR E6×11AAR M-934Axle load≤25t33.5
AAR F6-1/2×12AAR M-934Axle load≤30t48
AAR K6-1/2×9AAR M-934Axle load≤30t46
AAR G-AAR M-934Axle load≤35.7t59



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