13B Coupler


13B Coupler is developed on the base of 13A coupler and has been widely used in Chinese railway heavy load freight cars since 2007.

13B couplers can be divided into two types: top acting type coupler and bottom acting type coupler. 13B couplers can be coupled with AAR standard couplers like E type, E/F type and F type, and also can be coupled with domestic couplers like 16 couplers, 17 couplers.

13B coupler is made of E grade low alloy cast steel. The minimum failure load of coupler body and coupler knuckle are 4005kN and 3430kN respectively, and the coupling clearance of coupler is 11.5mm, which can significantly improve the longitudinal dynamic performance of train. The coupler conforms to TB / T 456 standard.

Railteco could not only provide complete couplers, but also could provide spare parts like buffers, yokes, knuckles and etc.

Main Features of 13B coupler:

MaterialE grade cast   steel
ApplicationChinese heavy   load freight wagons
Min. failure Load of coupler body4005kN
Min. failure load of Coupler knuckle3430kN
Coupler clearance11.5mm
Design, manufacture and inspection standardTB/T456
Interchangeability13, 13A
Connectionconnectable   with 16 coupler, 17 coupler, AAR E type coupler, AAR E/F type coupler and AAR   F type coupler




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