KN95 Mask Forming Machine


RTZBI-KN95 Folding Type Automatic Mask Forming Machine is an automatic KN95 masks hot forming machine. It can independently complete multiple processes from mask indentation molding, secondary welding, shear molding to finished product discharge. Compared with traditional manual feeding, indentation, shear stitching, etc., two manual processes can be omitted. The capacity could be improved up to 40-60 masks per minute.

The equipment adopts mechanical transmission, only needs to start the motor and adjust the appropriate speed and welding power. The operation is simple and fast, only manual feeding and retrieving is required, which greatly improves production efficiency, facilitates operation, and has low production and operation costs and high efficiency.

Main advantages of RTZBI-KN95 Automatic Mask Forming Machine:

l  Automatic complete processes of indentation, folding, melt forming and cutting, with daily output of 80,000 pcs masks;

l  Easy to install and operation, only need one operator;

l  Compact in structure, small in volume and save space;

l  Full mechanical transmission, with high stability and low failure rate;

l  Main body of the machine made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, beautiful, firm and rust free;

l  Photoelectric detection, high accuracy piece count;

l  Adopt ultrasonic system, stable performance and convenient operation;

l  Frequency conversion motor drive, high stability, low failure rate;

l  A tension system design to ensure each layer of the mask is smooth and beautiful after forming, and the tension of the raw material feeding is consistent.

Technical Parameters of RTZBI-KN95 Automatic Mask Forming Machine:

Working PrincipalThe forming of   N95 masks by secondary hot rolling forming
Power Supply380V or   customized
Power Consumption1KW
Machine Sizes1720*700*1200MM
Material Rack Sizes2500*600*1653MM
Capacity40-60   pcs/Min(speed adjustable)
Number of OperatorOne
Raw materialNonwovens in   260mm width, Flannelette, 4 layers or 5 layers




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